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Welcome to the Freeform Modelling 2022 companion course!

Here you can rewatch the recordings of the sessions and have go at the modelling exercises at your own pace.

In this final part of the ABTT Vectorworks course, we will be looking at modelling complex 3d shapes, creating and applying textures. Finally exporting multiple sheets from the same project simultaneously.

Welcome to the  ABTT Vectorworks Training course part 5 (Intermediate Level). Having mastered some advanced drafting techniques and simple 3d modelling techniques we now proceed to working with existing 3d geometry and manipulating the model's graphical appearance by altering existing render styles and creating new ones. We will also be looking at alternatives to section and top plan viewports by creating rendered viewports of your 3d model with the renderworks camera tool. We will also be looking at adding detail to lighting devices and displaying data fields through the use of label legends. Lastly, we will investigate the whole host of features with Vectorworks Cloud Services and how it's there to help you.